Original Signed Watercolor / Ink Drawing "Vision In The Sky Over Zurich / May 2, 1524 = #2" Ronald Poets - Johnson.

Original Signed Watercolor / Ink Drawing "Vision In The Sky Over Zurich / May 2, 1524 = #2"

No Place: Privately Printed, 1970. First edition. Loose Sheets. Original watercolor / ink drawing, ca 10 x 12", matted. glazed, framed. Slight tanning at edges. Signed "Johnson '70" The following description of this piece comes from a typed sheet lightly taped to the verso of the frame (easily removed) that was written by Peter Howard of Serendipity Books in 2007 in an email to a customer and is reproduced here primarily for it's "Peter-ness" and charm as well as for informational purposes: "Donald David Davies, (Johnson's room mate in San Francisco from 1969 for four years, and intimate friend, and the dedicatee of Eyes and Objects) to whom the watercolor was given, remembers that the image of a man here was Ron Johnson's reference to the 16th C. philosopher who pointed his finger through the stars. Tycho Brahe was not born until 1546. Kepler was not born until 1571. Most likely, the reference is to Nicolaus Copernicus (February 19, 1473 - May 24, 1543). "In 1524, Copernicus published his only astronomical work on his own initiative (The Letter Against Werner) challenging Johannes Werner, who had died in 1522, and his work De Motu Octauoe Sphoer, in which Werner outlines a trepidations nethod to describe precession of equinoctias:. it is NOT a reference to "Giovanni da Verrazano, Florentine navigator, explored from Cape Fear to Newfoundland and discovered New York Bay and the Hudson River of present-day New York Harbor. He was later eaten by natives. On April 17, 1524:. Very Good. Item #21027

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