Item #31948 Reforming America With A Shotgun - A Study of Prohibition Killings. John G. Anti - Prohibition - Gebhart, Director.

Reforming America With A Shotgun - A Study of Prohibition Killings

Washington DC: Association Against The Prohibition Amendment, 1929. First edition. Paperback. Thin narrow stapled wrappers. 44 pp. A pamphlet summarizing the circumstances provided by government records of Prohibition killings of approximately 260 civilians who lost their lives in Volstead law enforcement. This small book documents tragic deaths and shocking tragedies that resulted from the use of shot guns in the pursuit of suspected activities identified through the Vostead Act. To quote from just one of these tragedies " Sylvester Strickland, a negro, had the misfortune to be walking along a highway at night, April 5, 1924. What happened is described as follows: Prohibition Agent Dearie and two deputies while on a scouting trip on a public road near Vivian, LA., in search of a negro rum runner with a reputation as a gunman, unexpectedly ran across a negro whom the officers took to be the gunman but who later proved not to be. Upon being approached by the officers this negro fled and when he was called upon to halt he suddenly stopped and made a motion with his hand which caused Agent Dearie to believe that he was about to draw a gun, whereupon Dearie fired one shot at the negro which proved fatal. Inasmuch as the scared negro, running away in the night, was the wrong man, a question as to whether he was armed is perhaps unimportant." Pamphlet in very good condition. Currently no copies available in commerce. Very Good. Item #31948

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